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# Name Constituency Position on Committee
1. Mr. S.B. Maloba Government Appointee Chairperson
2. Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu Vice Chancellor Member
3. Mrs. E.K.M. Gabona MoES Representative Member
4. Prof. J.B. Nyakaana MUASA Representative Member
5. Dr.E. Okello Ogwang Senate Representative Member
6. Mr. F. Matyama MoFPD Member
7. Ms Jane Mwesiga Rep. of Min. of Public Service Member
8. Mr. Henry Rwaganika Rep. of Uganda Law Society Member
9. Dr. V. M. Nantulya Council Appointee Member

Four Ex-Officio

1. Chairperson of Council

2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

3. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance and Administration)

4. University Secretary


1. Director of Human Resources

2. Manager – Employment Division

In attendance

1. Senior Assistant Secretary (Legal)