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The Committee is a merger of the existing Quality Assurance Committee, ICT Committee and Gender Mainstreaming Committee. The Committee will handle the above cross-cutting issues.



# Name Constituency Position on Committee
1. Eng. Dr. D. Turahi Min. of ICT Rep. Chairman
2. Dr. E. Okello Ogwang DVC (AA) Member
3. Mrs. E.K.M. Gabona MoES Representative Member
4. Dr. J. Nabukenya Senate Representative Member
5. Students’ Representative Students’ Rep. Member
6. Mr. Tayebwa Council Appointee Member
7. Dr. S.N. Ssali MUASA Representative Member
8. Mr. B. Kabaasa-Balaba Convocation Rep. Member
9. Mr. C. Ninsiima NUDIPU Representative Member

Ex-officio Members

1. Chairperson of Council

2. Vice Chancellor

3. University Secretary

In Attendance

1. Director, DICTS

2. Academic Registrar

3. University Librarian

4. Director, Gender Mainstreaming


1. Director, Quality Assurance

2. Deputy Registrar (Senate)