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This Committee is a merger of the existing Staff Development Committee, the Retirement Benefits Committee and the Health Services Committee. These were merged because all of them have been handling welfare of staff.



# Name Constituency Position on Committee
1. Mrs. E.K. Gabona Council Appointee Chairperson
2. Prof. John Ddumba-Ssentamu Vice Chancellor Member
3. Dr. E. Okello Ogwang DVC (AA) Member
4. Dr. B. Nawangwe DVC (F&A) Member
5. Prof. J.B. Nyakaana MUASA Rep. Member
6. Mr. M. Seremba Rep. from Public Service Member
7. Mr. J.G. Okello MASA Representative Member
8. Ms. G. C. Bazaaya Support Staff Representative Member
9. Mr. J.C. Ninsiima NUDIPU Representative Member
10 Mr. W. Ndoleriire Rep. from Min. of Finance Member Planning & Econ. Devt. Member
11 Prof. J. Ntozi MUPA Representative Member
12 Mr. P.O. Wandera Representative BoT Member

Two Ex-Officio:

1. Chairperson of Council

2. University Secretary

In Attendance

1. Director, Health Services

2. Senior Assistant Secretary (Legal)


1. Director, Human Resources

2. Manager, Training or Retirement Benefits Section