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Provide strategic leadership and ensure efficient and sound financial, human and physical resources management of the University.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the preparation and implementation of the University’s recurrent and capital budgets.
  • Monitor the development and management of the University’s accounting procedures, manuals and other documents relating to financial control and Management as per approved financial regulations.
  • Oversee income and expenditure of all income generating units for compliance with the University’s approved plans and budgets.
  • Ensure and coordinate the production of University-wide Financial Reports by Colleges and Units
  • Ensure effective human resource management in the University.
  • Oversee the management of University Estates and Assets.

The Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs oversees programmes and policies that promote academic excellence in the University; ensuring quality of academic programmes; overseeing the proper planning and coordination of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes; coordination of curriculum development; and ensuring optimal utilization of teaching, research and library facilities.

The DVC Academic Affairs monitors the Colleges/Faculties/Institutes/Schools, the School of Graduate Studies, the University Library, and the Department of the Academic Registrar.

Provide leadership  and oversee strategic direction and viability of the HR Directorate

Duties responsibilities

Initiate and direct the development, monitoring and evaluation of strategic and annual Human Resource plans, as well as HR functions and processes in line with the University’s Strategic Plan and Human Resource Policy.

Co-ordinate the production of the Directorate’s work plan and budget for Human Resource functions, processes and activities in line with the University’s Strategic Plan and Budget.

Initiate, implement, and review Human Resource Policy in line with the University’s Strategic Plan.

Link the Human Resource functions to both National and International Universities and organizations in line with the University’s Strategic Plan.

Scan business environment for best practices and initiate institutional review and design strategies and systems of managing change in line with the University’s     Human Resource Policy and Strategic Plan.

Provide professional advice and guidance to Council and other University decision-making organs and ensure uniform HR policy applications by all units in line with HR policy.

Mobilize, plan and account for resources of the directorate in line with the University strategic plan.

Initiate systems and strategies to empower staff for leadership in line with the University Human Resource policy.

Purpose of the job:

Provide overall management and coordination of ICT services and University support Systems.

 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide overall leadership and direction to the department.
  • Oversee the implementation of all ICT projects within a coordinated operational plan in accordance with the University Strategic plan.
  • Coordinate project proposals to secure funding for the University.
  • Co-ordinate the production of the Department’s work plan and budget for ICT functions, processes and activities in line with the University’s Strategic Plan and Budget.
  • Initiate, implement, and review ICT Policy (s) in line with the University’s Strategic Plan.
  • Provide secretariat services to the relevant ICT committees of the University
  • Guide the functions and operations of the establishment and maintenance of the physical network infrastructure.
  • Link the ICT functions to both National and International Universities and organizations in line with the University’s Strategic Plan.
  • Supervise the functions and operations of the information systems, database management, network management, planning and maintenance, security management and end user support.
  • Prepare and oversee compliance and implementation of the ICT service level agreements in liaison with the prequalified contractors.
  • Supervise and appraise staff in the department in line with the HR policy.
  • Guide the development of the security and disaster recovery policies and procedures and supervise their implementation.
  • Perform any other relevant duties assigned by the immediate supervisor.
  • Responsible for the overall internal audit function.
  • He/She gives overall direction to the Directorate, establishes/implements audit planning processes, provides auditing policies and procedures, provides overall leadership to the Internal Audit Directorate, coordinates audit work with external auditors, and establishes an audit quality assurance programme.
  • The Director also provides Secretariat to the Audit Committee of Council.
  • The Director Internal Audit reports to Council through the Audit Committee of Council.

Responsible for providing legal advice to the University Council, Management and other organs of the University in matters of drafting agreements, contracts, memoranda and other legal documents. The Director Legal Affairs provides clear oral and written interpretation of laws and other statutory instruments relating to the University, ensures and facilitates the University’s compliance with the set policies, regulations and guidelines governing staff and students of the University.

Duties and responsibilities;

  • Establishing the strategic direction, designing and implementing policies and procedures for the overall legal function of the University.
  • Leading the defense and prosecution of all University legal actions.
  • Providing legal expertise to other University departments. 
  • Provide leadership and ensure efficient and effective management of staff and resources in the Unit
  • Planning and directing all aspects of the University’s legal affairs and ensuring maximum protection of its legal rights.
  • Responsible for reviewing and advising management on legal implications of internal policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for reviewing and drafting contracts, agreements and ensuring that they are in compliance with all statutory or legal requirements.
  • In consultation with the University Secretary liaise with the External Lawyers on all cases that are referred to them for action.
  • Prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the Legal Unit to Management and Counsel.


Provide Leadership to Academic Registrar’s Department in all matters of Admissions, Registration of undergraduate and postgraduate students and examination, research and Publications

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide Secretarial services to the Senate and its Committees
  •  Co-ordinate with other Universities and Inter-University bodies on Academic matters
  • Supervise the production of Academic Transcripts and Certificates;
  • Budget and account for financial resources of the department
  • Conduct elections of Principals /Deputies / Deans / Directors / Heads of Academic  Departments,
  • Co-ordinate the activities of Academic Ceremonies such as graduation,
  • Link the University with other Academic Institutions and Organizations  or professional bodies such as National Council for Higher Education in academic matters,
  • Secretary to the University Convocation
  • Co-ordinate the vetting of Publications of Senior Academic Staff for Appointments and Promotional purposes,
  • Co-ordinate the review of academic programs
  • Coordinate management of all university  examination processes, regulations & syllabuses

Purpose of the job:

Plan, develop, control and coordinate all Estates functions including transport management of the University.

Duties and responsibilities;

  • Provide professional (technical) support and advise all stakeholders (in line with the University Strategic plan and Estate and Works policy.
  • Develop work targets of Estate and Works Departments per the Strategic Plan.
  • Produce reports to the Vice Chancellor on the activities of Housing and Works Committees.
  • Plan, budget and account for resources for the Directorate
  • Provide Secretarial services to the Housing and Woks Committees.
  • Overall controller of maintenance and upkeep of plant
  • Supervise capital projects.
  • Overall co-coordinator of the execution of works (Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical).


The university Bursar shall be responsible for the financial administration and planning of the University and shall maintain the Accounts in a form determined by the University Council.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Financial administration, planning and budgeting
  • Overseeing management of Income, expenditure, stores and assets of the University.
  • Setting budget priorities and assess budget proposals for their coherence with the strategic goals of the University
  • Maintaining of sound financial accounting system, records keeping and internal controls
  • Coordination with external Auditors and enabling the external audit process
  • Promotion of financial communication among units of the University
  • Effectively coordinating the implementation of Donor funded projects
  • Provide guidance to the strategic planning and development of the University
  • Initiating and coordinating the preparation and production of long and short term corporate plans
  • Overseeing, reviewing and coordinating the implementation of the overall investment strategy of the University
  • Providing a monitoring and measurement program which will permit evaluation of the performance of the Investment Managers  and Financial Managers
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Vice Chancellor

Provide leadership to all matters relating to students welfare and discipline.

Duties and responsibilities;

  • Organise and control halls of residence and all matters related to accommodation of both resident and non-resident students
  • Supervise the hall wardens
  • Enforce rules and regulations of the University and all matters related to students’ discipline.
  • Establish and monitor channels of communication in regards to student welfare and suggestions with the view of giving students the necessary advice.
  • Oversee the operations of the students’ guild and offer appropriate advice and guidance.
  • Advise on students publications and ensure that they conform to the acceptable standards.
  • Oversee the organisation and running of sports and games with the assistance of games tutors.
  • Prepare annual estimates and expenditure of halls of residence, sports and games all entertainments and special
  • College requirements for submission to the finance committee
  • Oversee all matters related to students’ health and discipline.
  • Work with the counseling Centre with the view of giving students the appropriate advice.
  • Oversee the organization and arrangement of the places of worship
  • Any other related duties as assigned by the Vice Chancellor.