Council Composition

Section 38 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001as amended provides for membership as follows:

(a) the Chairperson of the University Council;

(b) the vice-Chairperson of the University Council;

(c) the Vice-Chancellor of the Public University;

(d) the Deputy Vice-Chancellors;

(e) a representative of a sector relevant to the University depending on its objectives and mission, appointed by the relevant body in that sector;

(f) one member of the District Council elected by the District Council in whose jurisdiction the Public University is situated;

(g) a member of the Convocation elected by the Convocation;

(h) two members of the University Senate elected by Senate;

(i) two members of the Academic staff elected by the Academic Staff Association of the Public University;

(j) a Senior member of the Administrative Staff elected by Senior Administrative Staff;

(k) a member of the National Union of Education Institutions; Support Staff elected by the branch in that University;

(l) two students of the University, one of whom shall be a woman appointed by the Students Union;

(m) three members appointed by a Minister from the public ;

(n) a representative of the Ministry responsible for Finance;

(o) a representative of the Ministry responsible for Higher Education;

(p) two representatives of the constituent colleges, schools and institutes elected by the Chairpersons of the governing councils from among themselves;

(q) two representatives of persons with disabilities , one elected by members of staff who are persons with disabilities and another by National Organizations of persons with disabilities;

The Office of University Secretary is the secretariat to University Council.