Dr. Euzobia Baine Mugisha

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Spearhead all the activities to mainstream gender in Makerere University.

Duties and responsibilities;

  • Oversee the implementation of Gender policy in Makerere University
  • Oversee strategic planning, budgeting, implementation, accountability of the Gender mainstreaming programmes
  • Manage the Human Resources and general administration of the Department
  • Appraise, develop and mentor staff of Unit.
  • Develop, implement and review systems and procedures for effective operational management of the Unit.
  • Implement the resource mobilization, development and sustainability strategy of the Unit.
  • Develop and implement M & E framework of the Unit.
  • Provide annual financial and administrative reports of the Unit.
  • Review and update Makerere University Gender policy
  • Provide secretarial services to the University Gender mainstreaming Committee
  • Represent the Gender mainstreaming Department at strategic level at Makerere University and beyond.
  • Any other duties related duties as assigned by the Vice – Chancellor.