Audit Committee

Members of Audit Committee
No. Name Constituency Position on Committee
1. Mr. Kiryowa Kiwanuka Government Appointee Chairperson
2. Mr. William Ndoleriire MoFPED Representative Member
3. Mr. John Chris Ninsiima PWD/NUDIPU Representative Member
4. Mr. Walter Okello IIA Representative Member
5. Mr. Julius Tumuhimbise ICPAU Representative Member

1. To monitor and review the systems in place used to safeguard assets, and, as appropriate, the verification of the existence of such assets;

2. To monitor and review the Internal Audit programme and its effectiveness;

3. To consider any major audit recommendations and the major findings of internal audit investigations and management’s response;

4. To receive and consider reports on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation or any regulation or instruction issued under such legislation and good accounting practice; and

5. The proposals by the External Auditors regarding the Internal audit process.